About Us

“Who We Are and What We Offer at Cheerfulfarm Nigeria?”

Cheerful farm is an agricultural company with a passion for excellence in agriculture and in the production of healthy natural food and livestock. Our farm land which is increasingby the day is located at Off Adegor Street, Idjedaka-Jesse, Delta State.
As one of the aspiring leaders in innovations of agricultural produce in Nigeria, we are more than passionate and more committed to providing healthy fresh farm produce and processing at affordable prices for the consumption of consumers.
Our vision is to establish a company that will be relevant and responsible in the production of natural farm produce.
Our mission is to make sure we grow and rear healthy farm produce for consumption and increase food supply and availability.


1. Supplying our customers nutritional and natural farm produce at affordable price.
2. Engaging in farm practices for a sustainable environment.
3. Improving lives and sustaining agricultural production.
4. Processing of natural food product for healthy living.

Our Products

1. Cheerful Beans Flour
2. Cheerful Plantain Flour
3. Egg production
4. Boilers
5. Catfish Production

Order from us today, Eat healthy and Live Healthy!